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Fighting Traffic Violation Charges

If you have been given a ticket for speeding or some other traffic violation, it’s important to remember that you have a driving record to protect.

The experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers at The Law Office of Lynne A. Papazian help people fight traffic tickets and other misdemeanor charges. We have helped many clients beat traffic violations, minimize the points assessed for their alleged violations, and reduce or even eliminate their fines.

Even if This Is Your First Ticket, It Is Important to Keep Your Record Clean

One traffic ticket may not seem too bad on your record. But if you get another one within a year, you may be looking at increased fines and insurance rates. It makes financial sense to keep your driving record clean. When we help people with traffic tickets, we take a long-term view of their driver’s licenses and auto insurance so we can protect their interests for years to come.

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Why You Should Fight a Traffic Ticket

Ever wonder whether it is worth the money and energy to fight a traffic ticket? Many drivers assume there is nothing they can do but pay the fine. Unfortunately, the fine for even a simple speeding violation can be very costly, and the penalties do not stop there.

What many people may not realize is that when a driver is assessed a fine, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles assesses points against the driver’s license. These points will result in increased auto insurance premiums and, in some cases, higher penalties for any future traffic-related violations. Too many points or infractions within 18 months may result in a driver’s license suspension and surcharges assessed by the Department of Motor Vehicles payable for three years.

Experienced Representation Can Make a Difference

We handle vehicle and traffic infractions ranging from a basic speeding ticket to other serious traffic crimes subject to harsh penalties. Our lawyers can also help with driver’s license reinstatement if your license was revoked for traffic offenses.

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