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A family is one of the most important things in your life, and the Law Office of Lynne A. Papazian understands that. Because of this, when family issues come into play in your life, you likely have a lot of worries cross your mind. Those worries are natural and understandable. While some issues can be overcome one-on-one, there are many struggles that should be only overcome with the help of a skilled attorney by your side. Topics such as child custody, support, and divorce, are all legal problems that shouldn't be handled on your own.

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Most people are accustomed to resolving family issues on their own. However, there are some legal matters which should only be handled through the courts. For these, the help of a skilled lawyer can be crucial to your chances of achieving your goals.

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Attorneys Papazian, and Buckley help people with a variety of issues in family law, including:

  • Family offenses and orders of protection

  • Child custody, parenting, and visitation schedules

When they represent you in a family law matter, they learn about you, your family, your circumstances, and your goals. They can tell you how the law may apply to your case and give you a candid assessment of your likelihood of success. Once you, along with your attorney, have chosen the legal procedures and strategies that can help you reach your goals, your attorney can help you put your plan into action, fighting hard for your rights and your family’s best interests.

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In addition to family law, our skilled attorneys represent clients throughout the Capital District area in traffic violation defense, misdemeanor criminal defense, Estate planning, and more.