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Some New York school buses may get cameras

A city councilman in New York has put forth a proposal that school buses be equipped with cameras to catch drivers who do not stop for the buses. The drivers could then be ticketed and fined in the same way as those who are photographed speeding in school zones.

The cameras would capture what happens when a school bus is stopped. The stop arm devices let drivers know that children are leaving or getting on the bus. While the arm is extended, drivers are supposed to stop so that children can move safely between the bus and the sidewalk. However, reports suggest that roughly 50,000 drivers a year in the state do not stop. Fines for failing to stop can climb as high as $250.

The state legislature will be considering a similar plan as part of an overall traffic safety package. Cities will need state approval to install the cameras just as they do with speed cameras.

The Upper East Side councilman who introduced the legislation has had other school bus safety successes. Legislation he introduced in 2018 put GPS devices and two-way radios on school buses to help administrators and parents keep track of children safety and whereabouts.

Some people may think of tickets for traffic violations, such as speeding or passing a school bus, as something they simply have to pay. However, this is not always the case, and there can be benefits to fighting traffic tickets. One of the reasons to do so is that the repercussions of a traffic ticket do not stop with just paying the fine. A traffic violation also results in points on a license, and this can have implications for insurance costs and even for retaining the license over time. With help from a lawyer, a driver may be able to beat a traffic ticket.