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Speed camera program in NYC could double in size

The governor of New York is planning to increase the number of cameras by New York City schools in order to catch more drivers speeding. In a statement to the press, the governor stated that there was ‘indisputable proof” of the effectiveness of speed cameras, so it was the responsibility of state officials to increase the size of the program. As of 2018, the city used 140 cameras to catch drivers speeding near school zones.

If the governor’s plan goes through, the number of school zones that have speed cameras would increase to 290. During the summer of 2018, the program’s growth lapsed due to politics in the state legislature, but the new bill would allow more cameras, stop signs and red lights to be installed unabated. Many state politicians believe that the lives of children have been put in danger by not implementing cameras at every school zone.

The re-authorization of the NYC speed camera program, along with proposals to legalize marijuana, are all part of the governor’s proposed budget for the state. Other parts of the budget are expected to include a ban on plastic bags, reforms to the state’s election system and raising the legal age to smoke by 3 years. This budget is expected to be approved by the beginning of April.

Many individuals deal with traffic violations on their own. In certain cases, however, it may be advisable to seek support and representation from an attorney. This is especially important in cases that could result in very stiff financial penalties or even the loss of a driver’s license. A lawyer can represent a client in traffic court in order to try and reduce the penalty for a violation or even dismiss charges.