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Speeding ticket fines

Many drivers in New York will be issued a citation for speeding at some point during their lives. A motorist who is cited for speeding will usually be ordered to pay a fine. The fine amount could vary based on the offender’s driving history, how fast they were going and if there were any aggravating factors such as speeding through a construction zone.

Many courts have a tiered schedule of fines based on how fast the driver was going. Some courts assess a base fine for speeding and additional penalties based on how many miles per hour over the speed limit the driver was going. Drivers who were clocked at very high speeds may face additional charges for reckless driving.

Motorists who were caught speeding in a school zone or a construction zone may face steeper fines. In some cases, fines may be doubled if a driver was caught speeding in one of these areas.

A driver’s prior history of traffic violations may also enhance the fine amount. Many courts allow a driver to keep a speeding ticket off their record if they take a driver safety course. This is a good idea for many people who are facing their first speeding ticket conviction as it will keep insurance costs down and prevent penalty enhancements if they receive a ticket in the future.

An attorney may be able to help someone who has been issued a speeding ticket beat the charge. For example, the lawyer might challenge the prosecution’s evidence, such as the calibration and accuracy of the radar machine used to detect speeding. An attorney may also be able to help a driver save money or keep a ticket off their record by negotiating for a deal.