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The importance of staying calm during traffic stops

Motorcyclists can be pulled over for a variety of reasons such as speeding or wearing an illegal helmet. When a police officer is pulling up behind a rider with lights and sirens blaring, it is important to know how to respond. Ideally, a motorcyclist will pull over as far as possible and turn off his or her motorcycle. This is true whether the traffic stop occurs in New York or in any other state.

While an individual may feel compelled to take off his or her helmet, that may not be a smart idea. This is because a helmet could be used as a weapon. Instead, it may best to simply flip the visor to let the officer see the rider’s eyes. It is also a good idea for someone stopped by the police to keep his or her hands visible at all times.

If there is a need to reach for something, an individual should inform the officer before doing so. This reduces the chances that the officer will become suspicious of that person’s actions. It is important to not say too much when interacting with authorities. In most cases, riders feign ignorance as to why the traffic stop occurred. Doing so reduces the chances of accidentally admitting to committing a traffic infraction.

Motorcycle riders and other motorists want to seek a favorable outcome when charged with traffic violations. Negotiating a plea deal might reduce the fine a motorist must pay or eliminate points from his or her license. Alternatively, it may be possible to use witness statements or cast doubt upon police testimony to obtain a plea deal or have a traffic case dismissed outright.