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Police targeting reckless garbage truck drivers

While certain cities in the State of New York have a reputation as being not-so-friendly for pedestrians, not all drivers are reckless when it comes to adhering to traffic laws. At the same time, safely getting around on foot in places like New York City is sometimes challenging, especially when some garbage truck drivers may not be paying attention to traffic laws as much as they should be. This is why the NYPD is cracking down on garage truck drivers by stepping up efforts to spot violations and issue tickets when necessary.

Officials say traffic violations involving garage trucks are a fairly regular occurrence. Common issues include speeding, reversing down one-way streets, and running red lights. Specifically, the focus of the crackdown is on the private carting industry, which primarily consists of vehicles that pick up commercial garbage, construction debris, and similar materials. There are approximately 7,000 such vehicles on the road in New York City.

The decision to initiate a crackdown on violations was inspired by a sting operation launched by one of the city’s precincts. When a reporter for a local news station tagged along with law enforcement personnel for a few hours, nearly 50 summonses were issued. It’s estimated that around 20 fatalities since 2016 can be linked to vehicles operating as part of the carting industry. There have also been instances where drivers have been issued multiple tickets in a single day. Not following traffic rules can have serious implications for garbage truck drivers, including the possibility of having their licenses suspended.

If traffic violations result in tickets being issued, a lawyer may be able to help drivers legally fight the ticket. For individuals operating commercial vehicles when a ticket is issued, an attorney may challenge the way alleged violations were discovered, question evidence that was obtained, or raise doubts about whether or not proper procedures were followed when a vehicle was stopped. Opting not to fight a ticket could result in steeper fines and higher insurance rates for drivers. Some commercial drivers may even lose their jobs if questionable tickets aren’t challenged.