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Traffic enforcement differs throughout New York state

Drivers who get traffic tickets in New York may face large fines as well as an increase to their insurance rates. While drivers can take steps to comply with traffic laws, where they drive may also play a role in whether they are ticketed. For example, Erie County gave out 50,000 speeding tickets in 2017 while Broome County wrote 12,256 in the same year.

Broome County is also among the counties that gives out the lowest amount of tickets per miles driven. Overall, it issued .92 tickets per 1,000 miles driven, and there was a total of 13 million miles driven in that county. The rate of tickets issued was seventh-lowest in the state. To reduce the risk of getting a traffic ticket, it is important for drivers to obey the speed limit and other posted signs. Individuals may be ticketed even if they are speeding in an effort to keep up with traffic.

Those who operate a motor vehicle should know that police departments don’t necessarily have monthly ticket quotas to meet. Generally speaking, a person is less likely to be ticketed during winter months or during early morning hours. However, those who violate traffic laws can be ticketed for doing so at any time of the day, month or year.

Individuals who are cited for traffic violations may be able to enlist the help of an attorney. He or she may be able to review the case and defend a motorist in traffic court. Legal counsel may be necessary if a person is charged with a DWI or other criminal charges stemming from a traffic violation. In some cases, an individual may receive a plea deal based on the facts of the matter and that driver’s previous record.