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“Speed Week” aims to reduce speeding and distracted driving

A week-long law enforcement detail in New York known as Speed Week aims to target drivers who are driving under the influence, driving aggressively and driving while distracted. Prior Speed Week operations in the state have led to dozens of tickets being issued to drivers for a variety of offenses. State police estimate that speeding contributes to approximately 33 percent of fatal crashes in New York. Across the nation, fatal car accidents claim the lives of approximately 42,000 individuals each year, and vehicular accidents are the leading cause of death in children under 3 years old. Hundreds of thousands of additional individuals suffer injuries as a result of car accidents each year.

Speed Week aims to reduce the number of car crashes, fatalities and injuries by citing those who are violating traffic laws. During Speed Week, law enforcement officers will use both marked State Police vehicles and un-marked Concealed Identity Tracking Enforcement, or CITE, vehicles in order to target motorists who are speeding. Law enforcement officers hope that the use of CITE vehicles will allow troopers to more easily identify drivers who are using cellphones while driving, speeding or driving aggressively. The vehicles can blend in easily with traffic but are easily recognized as emergency vehicles once the police activate the emergency lighting system.

Police state that the goal of Speed Week is an increased awareness of safe driving and increased safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. They are hoping that proactive measures will make drivers more aware of following traffic laws in the future.

Traffic violations often result in a ticket or citation being issued to the driver. Traffic citations are not only costly but can affect a driver’s driving record, causing insurance rates to increase or a license to be suspended. A lawyer may be able to present evidence that incorrect information was written on the citation or file a disclosure request in order to get the ticket dismissed or the cost of the citation reduced.