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The potential consequences of disregarding traffic laws

New York law requires that drivers exercise care while operating a motor vehicle. Most states also have laws that prohibit certain actions while driving. For instance, evading a police officer is considered to be an example of reckless driving. Driving at an excessive speed or failing to stop at a stop sign or red light are also considered to be reckless actions. Drivers who are charged with DUI could also face a separate reckless or careless driving charge.

Those who are convicted on such a charge could lose the right to drive for a predetermined amount of time. Individuals who have had their licenses suspended in the past could experience a license revocation after being convicted of a reckless driving charge. Not having the ability to drive could cause an interruption to a person’s livelihood. Other penalties include spending time in jail and paying a fine. It may be difficult or impossible to obtain military clearances.

Drivers may have the option to go to traffic school to reduce some of the penalties that they receive. However, it is also possible that a driver will be required to take road safety courses even though it may not result in any benefit to that person. Those who were cited for excessive speeding or for a DUI may not be eligible for traffic school.

While traffic violations may not be considered as serious as other offenses, they can come with severe penalties. Depending on the type of action a person is cited for, it may be possible to spend time in jail or pay a large fine. An attorney may work to get a case dismissed or to negotiate a plea bargain. This might result in an individual avoiding some or all penalties related to a traffic violation.