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Speed cameras will once again monitor school zones

The mayor of New York City and the governor of New York have reached a deal allowing speed cameras to be reintroduced in school zones. The city council will also play a role in bringing them back. First, the governor will declare a public safety emergency, and this would authorize the city to gather the data necessary to make the system work. Next, the city council will approve legislation in an emergency session. Finally, the mayor will sign the legislation.

The process can be completed over potential objections from those in the state senate. On July 25, the state lost the authority to ticket drivers who were seen on camera breaking the law. According to the DOT, there were more than 132,000 drivers seen violating speed limit laws on camera in the two weeks after it expired. It is thought that the number of violations has increased since then.

Prior to this plan being enacted, the city council had considered alternate means of keeping children safe near schools. One idea was to close streets near schools to traffic. The Reckless Driver Accountability Act was also proposed, which would have allowed for individuals to be barred from driving if they were documented on camera exceeding the speed limit too many times.

Generally, traffic violations are less serious than other types of offenses. Typically, an offender will be subject to a fine or have his or her license suspended for a period of time. However, a fine or an inability to drive may make life difficult for those who are on a limited income or need their vehicles for work. An attorney may review the case and help a person obtain a favorable outcome in a case, such as having it dismissed or negotiating a plea bargain.

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