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Keeping right can prevent car accidents

Many New York drivers are aware that slower drivers are supposed to stay in the right lane unless they are passing. If they do need to pass an even slower vehicle, the drivers are supposed to use the left lane only to get around the vehicle before moving back over. However, there are instances where a driver who is moving slower than the speed limit will hog the left lane, preventing traffic from moving.

In the state of New York, the left lane is for passing slower drivers only. Unless there are obstacles, such as items in the road, that prevent the right lane from being safe, all drivers are otherwise required to remain in the right lane. If there are faster vehicles, the slower vehicles must yield by passing back into the right lane.

When slower drivers hang out in the left lane, they are at risk for causing dangerous driving conditions that could result in a car accident. In fact, there are studies that show that vehicles that are going 5 mph less than the posted speed limit are actually more likely to cause a crash than those that are going 5 mph faster. As such, those who are accused of violating New York’s Left Lane Laws could potentially get hit with a ticket.

If a driver is given a ticket for a traffic violation, there are consequences that could potentially be far-reaching. In addition to a fine, the violation could result in points against the driver’s license. If the driver gets too many tickets for traffic violations, the driver could lose his or her license for a certain amount of time. An attorney may help by challenging the citing officer’s testimony or provide proof that the violation was an honest mistake.