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Driver’s license violations

As with every other state in the nation, it is illegal to drive in New York without a valid driver’s license. However, there is a distinction made between driving a vehicle without having proof of a license and driving a vehicle with no valid license. Operating a vehicle with the knowledge that one’s license is invalid in some way, such as being suspended, is a more serious offense.

There are different penalties a driver may suffer if they are operating with no license or fail to provide a license when pulled over by law enforcement. The driver may be issued a ticket, have their vehicle impounded or even sent to jail.

There are also different types of driver’s license violations. They can include the failure to apply for a state-issued license within a certain period of time, operating a vehicle with an expired license and being behind the wheel with a temporarily suspended license. Common violations also include the failure to present proof of a valid license while driving or operating a vehicle, and driving with a permanently revoked license.

People who are caught driving without a valid driver’s license can be subject to charges that are categorized as correctable offenses or willful violations. With a correctable offense, drivers are usually ticketed and required to provide proof that the violation was corrected so that the traffic court can dismiss the citation. Failure to do so can result in other penalties and fines.

A criminal defense attorney may work to protect the rights and interests of a client who has been cited or arrested for traffic violations. The attorney may conduct independent investigations to ensure that law enforcement did not violate the rights of the client when they were pulled over, during subsequent investigations or during the arrest procedure.