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Traffic enforcement program aims to curb dangerous behavior

Until June 3, police in New York are taking part in the “Click It or Ticket” campaign aimed at getting motorists to use their seat belts. They will be joined by authorities in Vermont who will also be looking to make sure seat belts are worn in that state. In 2016, 57 percent of fatal car accident victims between the ages of 18 and 34 were not wearing their seat belts.

Overall, 90 percent of New York drivers wear their seat belts while 85 percent of drivers in Vermont buckle up. In New York, a person can be pulled over simply for not wearing a seat belt. On the other hand, this can only be cited as a secondary offense in Vermont. According to New York authorities, the “Click It or Ticket” campaign has saved hundreds of lives as well as prevented injuries. Police in both states will also be looking to enhance enforcement of speeding and distracted driving laws.

While traffic violations may not carry the same penalties as a criminal charge, they can still be significant. Depending on the infraction, an individual could be fined thousands of dollars. Drivers could also be required to pay court costs and surcharges on top of the original fines. It is possible to have points added to a license as well. A license could be suspended if fines are not paid or other obligations are not met after a conviction.

An attorney may be able to represent an individual in a traffic court case. In some cases, the penalties for traffic violations could be either reduced or dismissed entirely.