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Strategies for fighting traffic tickets

For some drivers in New York, traffic tickets could be extremely expensive. Other drivers may walk away with points against their license, which could result in an increase in their insurance premiums or even a license suspension. However, there are some ways that drivers who have been ticketed can challenge the violation.

If the ticket involved the use of an officer’s personal opinion, drivers could potentially challenge the judgement. For example, a driver could argue that a lane change was safe based on the traffic conditions and the weather at the time. If a driver received a speeding ticket, he or she may be able to argue that going faster than the speed was safe due to the speed of the other vehicles. Some drivers may also be able to challenge the traffic ticket by arguing that the ticketed driving was necessary to prevent an accident. For example, this defense could be used if the driver had to make a sudden lane change to prevent being hit by another car.

Drivers could also potentially dispute the ticket by challenging the officer’s presentation of evidence. While this can be difficult, eyewitness statements, diagrams and photographs of the scene can potentially help drivers challenge the ticket.

The state takes traffic violations seriously, meaning any violation could result in monetary penalties. A simple speeding violation or improper lane change violation, for example, could result in a suspension if the driver has other violations on his or her record. Depending on the types of traffic violations and the evidence the police officer has against the driver, an attorney may assist with challenging the offense. The attorney may be able to review the violation, gather any additional evidence that the officer’s observations were not correct and determine what defense strategy may work for the specific situation.