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New technology helps contest parking tickets

New York motorists may be able to contest parking tickets using services that help them identify whether there were extenuating circumstances that mean the tickets should be dismissed, but opponents of these services say they could cause people to game the system. There is also concern that they will reduce revenue.

The services, which range in price and areas of availability, may look at issues such as whether the sign about parking violations was difficult to read or might address errors such as inaccurately writing down a code or the color of a car. These types of errors can add up. For example, when approximately 500,000 New York City parking tickets were handed out with a zero missing from the ordinance cited, the city announced that it would be refunding $26 million in fines.

Some ridesharing and delivery services are starting to take a look at the services for their drivers. One of the apps sometimes partners with an attorney to argue against the ticket in court.

As is the case with parking tickets, many people might think of traffic tickets as something they must simply pay. They might think this even if they are fairly certain the ticket was given unfairly. However, tickets for traffic violations can be contested in court, and there may be good reasons to do so. These tickets can cost hundreds of dollars. They can adversely affect a person’s driving record and insurance premiums. Too many tickets could lead to additional consequences such as license suspension, and this in turn could affect a person’s ability to go to work or school. A person who has received a ticket for a traffic violation might want to consult an attorney.

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